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In 2020, Lexus Is All About One F-ing Thing in Particular

It has new and updated SUVs, sure, but one car has us excited.

Lexus has played it both ways in recent years. It continues to roll out all manner of pedestrian crossovers, from the tiny, all-new UX hatch to the updates made to its all-important RX midsizer for the 2020 model year. But while the SUVs pay the bills, we're far more interested in the Lexus cars with skills—specifically its real-deal F cars.

The latest F model to get a massage is the 2020 Lexus RC F, and although the power of its 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V-8 has been bumped a smidge to 472 horses, the big changes are in the aero, construction material, and stopping power departments. New to the RC F lineup is the Track Edition. For some $32,000 extra over the base RC F, you get a car with multiple carbon-fiber structural components, most notably its fixed carbon-fiber rear wing, along with upgrades such as Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, a titanium exhaust system, and special BBS wheels. All that lightening (some 176 pounds) helps drop the Track Edition's zero-to-60 time a couple of ticks over the garden-variety RC F to about four seconds flat. It's also the meanest, most aggressive-looking Lexus since the LFA.

Senior editor Nelson Ireson had a go in the Track Edition and had this to say: "On track the power is ample, and the rear is always ready to rotate the nose toward the apex at turn-in, a tendency that's easier to modulate this time around thanks to the almost perfectly linear throttle mapping." Editor-in-chief Mike Floyd found the car to be great on the road, too, during a long trip.

What's next for Lexus and F? Rumors persist that an LC F is in the pipeline. If one is indeed in development, it would have to have something else under the hood—something like a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 pushing north of 600 horsepower. As for the LC in general, Lexus showcased a stunning convertible concept earlier this year, and we'd be shocked if a droptop doesn't get built and sold as a 2021 LC convertible. Given that the LC and RC are low-volume coupes with low EPA numbers, it's hard to see both of them lasting forever in the Lexus lineup. But as long as they are, we'll keep being stoked for the F versions.

On Sale: RC F Track Edition: Now; LC Convertible: Summer 2020 (est)

Base Price: RC F Track Edition: $97,675; LC Convertible: $102,000 (est) ทรรศนะบอลล่วงหน้า

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